“Unique in 
the market“

The fact that Chinese customers often say that they fell in love with eggersmann straight away is something that distribution partner Wei Guan can easily explain: These kitchens fulfill all the modern individualistic desires — but also offer traditional backdoors when needed.

How would you describe eggersmann’s target group in China?
China has changed a lot in the last 20 years. There is now an upper class with a very solid asset base. These people have an international perspective, they come to Europe to visit design fairs and know exactly what they want.

And what do these customers expect from their kitchen?
They want a very high-quality and perfectly functional kitchen according to their individual design wishes. This shift has seen interior design developing open kitchens for this customer group’s home environments — these “living kitchens”, which aren’t there just for the purpose of cooking, but also for socializing with family and friends. Design is therefore becoming increasingly important, it has to be in line with the style of the interior as a whole. However, kitchens in China have traditionally been closed spaces and therefore the Chinese often want a small enclosed area next to the kitchen where they can cook in the Chinese style.


How does eggersmann meet these requirements?
We offer elegant solutions with swinging doors to create such closed areas. And as far as individual design is concerned, eggersmann is unique in the market in any case. Chinese customers are enthusiastic about the choice of materials for the kitchen fronts, the colors and the design details. Natural stone, stainless steel and glass in particular are all very popular. In addition, laminates with nanosurfaces are also in demand. We work closely with architects and try to meet all the special requests you can imagine. For a penthouse project we once delivered fronts with a surface that had been finished with real gold particles. Many customers and architects say that they “fall in love” straight away with eggersmann’s products.

And what are the upcoming kitchen trends in China?
Right now they hardly differ from international trends. But there is currently an interesting parallel to what is happening in Germany: Separating waste is be-
coming a hot topic in China. We always include such developments in our designs right away.

Wei Guan has been eggersmann’s partner in China since 2012. His office is at the Beijing showroom.


We are always ready to break new ground for our customers’ individual wishes. So, there is a lot to show and tell.