"Grand kitchens are in demand"

Michael J. Soltoff represents eggersmann in the US market. He knows what the American kitchen customer wants — and that they are prepared, quite literally, to give kitchens a lot of space. Here is a little insight into his wealth of experience.

What kind of kitchen preferences do Americans have?
The US is extremely diverse as a society, as are the kitchen preferences. However, one thing that you can say for sure is that grandly designed kitchens are in demand. The living environments usually provide plenty of room for very spacious kitchens. In many cases, the traditional furnishing styles are still in demand, but you can clearly recognize the desire for modern international and classic design especially among our high-end target group.

How is the eggersmann brand perceived in such a market?
We present eggersmann in the US primarily as a kitchen brand that stands for clear lines and modern design as well as for a high-level ability to reach complete individuality. And that is exactly what our demanding customers value us for.


What are the current kitchen trends in the US?
Generally, there is a lot of emphasis on durable and natural surfaces. That is why natural stones are in high demand. At the same time, gold and bronze colors are very popular to provide a kind of accent and so are glass doors and open shelf areas. People like to show off their plate collections and high-quality pots and pans. But lighting and other technologies (some of which can be integrated into home communication systems) also play an important role in our planning.

And what special request do American customers often make?
There is a particular demand for so-called ”lift shelves” by which large, heavy kitchen appliances can be automatically raised from the storage cupboard to the height of the worktop. These mechanisms don’t exist in Germany  — but it’s no problem, we just refit the cabinets in the US.

Michael J. Soltoff is 61 years old and has his office in New York City. He has worked for eggersmann as their distribution partner for more than a decade.


We are always ready to break new ground for our customers’ individual wishes. So, there is a lot to show and tell.